Briohny Heggarty


Briohny, the owner of Inspired Wild & Free, facilitates adults & kids yoga, plus mentors others around mindset, business, the path of self inquiry and personal transformation.

With a background in the corporate world and SME business marketing consulting, Briohny has more than 15 years’ experience in the wellbeing industry, having studied and practiced many styles of yoga, various meditation techniques including vipassana, plus positive psychology, neuroscience, leadership, shamanism, energetic healing, tantra and the phenomenon of energy, human potential and mind-body connection. Yet, even with her diversity of learning and studies, she holds a belief that life is really our greatest teacher.

After working through and overcoming many challenges and internal struggles in her own life, her mission is to inspire and guide others to become equipped with the internal resources to take responsibility and control of their inner world and to find their own truth, inner power and freedom within.

In realising her dream of opening a yoga & holistic studio, Briohny creates a space where individuals can align with their internal teacher within and connect with likeminded others in a supportive environment.  She brings a down-to-earth and warm approach that empowers those around her and inspires them to reach for their potential.

“I am so grateful that I have been given the gift and opportunity to create this studio, to empower and align hearts and minds and while bringing like minded friends together again.”
~ Briohny Heggarty

Annie has been practising yoga since 1970, when she would drive across Melbourne to attend a class with men, women, children and even a dog. It was back in the age of leotards and tights and the yoga mats were made from car tyres. The teacher spoke of foreign ideas and contorted their bodies into weird and wonderful positions. Little would Annie know that this was the beginning of a strong and fruitful love affair with the craft of yoga.

Over the years, Annie has relied on yoga to help and guide her through some difficult times in her life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In 2004, Annie decided to take her love of yoga to a new level and train to become a teacher. She took an 8 month ‘yogalates’ course in Byron Bay and credits it as both the most challenging and most rewarding thing she has done to date. Since 2004, Annie has trained in a range of yoga disciplines including Prenatal Yoga, Kids Yoga, Yoga after Breast Cancer, Somatic Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety, Stress, Trauma and Yoga Therapy.

Annie Costa

Yoga Teacher


Yoga Teacher

For the past 8 years, yoga has been an instrumental part of Domna’s life. It has helped her transform spiritually, physically and mentally. Domna says that “Yoga has given me the insight that we are so much more powerful than we realise and we have the ability to transform any part of our life, should we so choose. For me, Yoga is about becoming aware of myself, my thoughts and my actions and how this directly affects my experience of life.”

Domna teaches flow, also known as Hatha Vinyasa, with an element of Raja Yoga underpinning all her classes. Hatha is a system of physical exercises called Asanas and Vinyasa is the process of flowing through these Asanas using the breath to match the movement. Raja Yoga is the process of reaching an ultimate state of being through meditation. To practice Yoga is to practice meditation and if you combine all 3 elements, a most enjoyable state of being can be reached.

Dimi discovered yoga just five years ago, and her passion for the craft has grown enthusiastically. After training in Remedial Yoga (Qi) as a result of some health challenges, she went on to become a certified instructor. She sees the practise of yoga as a truly reparative and restorative craft. She tries to give her students the tools to safely embrace yoga and nurture and heal themselves.

For Dimi, Yoga is therapy. She has seen firsthand just how transformative yoga can be when practised mindfully. She loves to help people develop deeper awareness of mind, body and heart, which translates off the mat to manage stress and explore the deeper things in life.

Dimi is a passionate participant in the yoga community and enjoys helping others better themselves through yoga.

“I am grateful that I found a nurturing place to practice and change.
This has made me a calmer and a more present mother to my two amazing well rounded children and My fur baby, also a strong willed wife to a supportive husband.”

Dimitra Voros

Yoga Teacher

Serena Montuoro

Yoga Teacher

‘Practicing as a professional belly dancer since her early teens, Serena originally embraced yoga to complement her work by supporting the necessary fluidity and full of range movement of the muscles and joints. A lifelong love affair with philosophy and search for meaning, found her traveling the globe, delving into cultures and ideologies to help guide her quest of self actualization. After living with Buddhist monks, she found herself in India encountered with the holy Sadhus, which solidified her love and commitment to meditation and the yogic practice.

Deeply passionate about health and well-being, Serena embodies a holistic approach to facilitating students on an inward journey towards self–awareness. Her fascination with neuroplasticity alongside both her study of naturopathy and ancient yogic wisdom, weave into her empowering, meaningful classes that poetically support self-exploration of mind, body and spirit.

After fifteen years on the mat, Serena attributes her open heart and vibrant approach to life to a strongly rooted practice. She hopes to encourage an experience of stilling the mind, invigorating the body and keeping your heart wild, both on and off the mat.’

Individually, we are one drop. Together we are an ocean

- Ryunosuke Satoro