8 week meditation & mindfulness course with Adrian

This 8 week mindfulness meditation course is designed to remove your negative reactions to the stressors of life, increase the distance between stimulus and your response and help to stabilise your emotions.

You will also
• become more grounded
• become better at following your intuition
• heighten your awareness
• increase your levels of concentration and productivity
• increase feelings of contentment, calmness and peace
• improve your mental clarity
• improve your communication with others

The techniques and topics that Adrian teaches have been scientifically proven, and/or verified through hundreds of hours of practice and student feedback.

What you will receive:
– 60 minute lessons for 8 consecutive weeks in a small group environment
– 16 different meditation mindfulness & self-improvement techniques
– Insights about: anger, biochemical body and mind, guilt, failure, self-rejection, stress, taking responsibility, thought affecting illness, and worry
– A detailed handout emailed at the end of each weekly lesson
– Unlimited access to Adrian via phone, text, social media or email for the duration of the course
– The tools to become bring about a more mindful, healthier happier you


@ Inspired, Wild & Free Yoga & Holistic Studio

Level 1, 355 Rocky Point Road

Sans Souci NSW 2219

(enter from Newcombe Street, above Dough & Bean Cafe)


$195 all inclusive.

Only a limited number of places are available to ensure the comfort, effectiveness and personalised attention for each student.